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Having proven experience of ✔Microsoft PowerPoint, ✔Looker Studio, ✔Excel, ✔Power BI ,✔Google Sheets, ✔Appsheet,✔ Google Slides and ✔Google Docs

✔5 Years Veteran

✔I worked with Fortune 3 companies. Proven Track Record and Guarantee of High-Quality Product Delivery

✔Data Analysis: With a keen eye for detail, I excel at dissecting datasets to uncover hidden trends and patterns. Whether it’s cleaning, transforming, or modeling data, I ensure accuracy and reliability in every step of the process.

✔Visualization: I specialize in creating compelling visualizations that tell a story. Using Looker Studio, Google Sheets, and Excel, I bring data to life, making it accessible and understandable for stakeholders. From interactive dashboards to dynamic charts, I have the skills to deliver visually impactful insights. ✔Looker Studio Expertise: As a certified Looker professional, I have a deep understanding of LookML and the Looker platform. I can design and implement robust data models, ensuring that your organization gets the most out of its data.

✔Google Sheets:

Proficient in Google Sheets and Excel, I can handle data manipulation, analysis, and visualization efficiently. From creating complex formulas to automating tasks, I leverage these tools to streamline workflows and enhance productivity.

If you’re looking for a dedicated data analyst who can turn your raw data into actionable insights, let’s connect! I am committed to delivering high-quality results that drive business success.

How do I operate? It is a method.

First and foremost, we require a plan. I’ll pay attention, make notes, assess and discuss your objectives and strategies for achieving them, as well as calculate the costs, phases of development, and time required to complete the work.

I provide regular project updates, communicate effectively and often, and am available to discuss any important issues that may come up.

Observe the timetable; I’ll deliver the items on time as agreed. Should there be an unexpected postponement, I will promptly notify you and furnish you with an updated delivery schedule.

Provide a superior product, fourth.

My approach aims to provide the most reliable, secure, scalable, and extensible solution possible. Development includes documentation, testing, and demo sessions.

Why hire Maliha?

✔Fast Turnaround

✔Provide Video tutorial of the Reports

✔Excellent communication

✔Client satisfaction is my priority

✔ High-Quality work Please take a look at my impressive profile to see my outstanding track record and proven abilities. If you’re a business seeking the best, please take a look at my profile. Let’s talk about your project in more detail and see how I can work with you to identify the most practical and effective solution that meets all of your needs.

With Love and Respect Maliha M.