Data Analyst/Power BI/SQL Server

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Hello, and welcome to my Upwork profile! I’m Ali Raza, a seasoned Data Analyst, with more than 12 + years of experience, I have honed my skills in SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, and Power BI to help businesses make data-driven decisions that drive growth and efficiency. 🔍 What I Can Do for You:

Data Visualization: I specialize in creating visually compelling and interactive data dashboards using Power BI. Whether it’s sales performance, market trends, or financial data, I’ll turn your numbers into meaningful charts, graphs, and reports that tell a clear story.

SQL Server Expertise: I’m well-versed in SQL Server, and I can help you with data extraction, and transformation, I’ll ensure your data is clean, organized, and ready for analysis.

Microsoft Excel Wizardry: Excel is one of my go-to tools for data manipulation and analysis. I can build complex spreadsheets, macros, and formulas to streamline your processes and uncover hidden insights. Data Insights: My knack for data analysis allows me to uncover patterns and trends that might otherwise go unnoticed. I’ll provide you with actionable insights to drive informed decision-making.

🛠️ Skills Snapshot:

Data Visualization:

Power BI, Data Analysis:

SQL Server Data Manipulation:

Microsoft Excel (Advanced) Data Cleaning:

Data Preprocessing Statistical Analysis:

Descriptive and inferential statistics Data Mining:

Pattern recognition, clustering Reporting:

Interactive dashboards, custom reports Problem-Solving:

Identifying business opportunities and challenges.